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Steele to GOP: You cannot underestimate Obama's likability

Joe Scarborough: “The GOP thought they had even with this economy?

Joe Scarborough: “The GOP thought they had [Obama], but [recent Obama poll numbers] have to be a serious concern.”

Michael Steele, msnbc political analyst: “Let me say something. They never had this guy, and that’s the fundamental mistake that’s been made, I think, from the very beginning. And I said it as chairman [of the Republican National Committee], I’ll say it now, and I’ll say it all next year: You cannot go into this election underestimating the one thing that has sustained this president, and that is his likability. The sense that the American people out there want to give this man a chance; they want to give him an opportunity…so you cannot go in underestimating his chance here and the polls are reflecting that…How hard is it to get to 51 [percent approval] even with this economy?