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State lawmaker explodes on floor over pension bill

On Tuesday, Illinois GOP State Rep.

On Tuesday, Illinois GOP State Rep. Mike Bost gave an impassioned plea over the state's Democrat-led pension reform bill, and the video has been making the rounds since. There was some shouting; there was some throwing paper in the air. There were some nonplussed folks sitting around him.

The Washington Post's Fix blog christened it "one of the best political rants you’ll ever see."

The Huffington Post offers a little context:

His tirade came on the heels of a new pension reform proposal -- Senate Bill 1673 -- being approved by a state pension committee and heading to the House floor for discussion within a matter of hours -- before lawmakers could even read it, Bost argued, according to WSIL.

Willie Geist picked up on it this morning during Way Too Early and then brought it over to Morning Joe after.

Watch and tell us what you think. Is this one of the best rants you've ever seen? What tops it?