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Sen. McCaskill: Boehner needs to 'show some courage'

The Democratic Missouri senator proposed that House Speaker John Boehner spend an afternoon on the golf course to think about the current government situation.

House Speaker John Boehner’s fear of losing his role is preventing him from showing courage during the current government shutdown, Sen. Claire McCaskill said Thursday.

“Boehner really needs to show some courage here,” the Democratic senator from Missouri said on Morning Joe. “Speakers have to do what’s best for the country sometimes, and he’s not, and he knows it.”

Congressional leaders need to listen to all American voices, not just the loud ones, and help Boehner find the strength to move forward, she said. Such voices include that of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz who, she added, doesn’t realize how many people disagree with him.

The senator suggested Boehner take an afternoon off to golf and contemplate the current government situation.

“Everybody in this far, extreme, unreasonable, irrational right is afraid of somebody running against them from the right, and they need to begin to be afraid of a moderate Republican running against them,” McCaskill said.

Earlier this week a new poll revealed Congress has reached an all-time low approval rating–10%–from Americans. And just 17% of the country agreed with the way GOP lawmakers have been dealing with current issues.

“[President Obama] is willing to go to the negotiating table on entitlement reform and spending. Let’s do that,” McCaskill said. “But take Obamacare off the table because it’s not realistic, it’s not rational that the president is going to give away that or any part of it that would make it not work as well as it’s going to work.”

McCaskill also encouraged Republicans to “give up” their employer contribution, today.

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