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Scarborough: The GOP should reach out to fiscally conservative gays



Rejected by the electorate, the Republican Party has to reconsider what it stands for if it wants to stay competitive. Joe Scarborough argued on Morning Joe this morning that the GOP should start by looking at its positions on social issues.

"Believe it or not--this is shocking--there are fiscally conservative gay men and lesbian women who are waiting for an excuse to vote Republican," Scarborough said. The Log Cabin Republicans, an organization representing gay Republicans, did endorse Mitt Romney for president despite Romney's firm opposition to same-sex marriage.

Supporters of same-sex marriage made big gains yesterday with both Maine and Maryland approving initiatives while in Minnesota voters rejected an amendment to the state's Constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman. Final votes in Washington, where same-sex marriage was also on the ballot, are still being tallied.

Meet the Press moderator David Gregory agreed with Scarborough on the idea of redefining conservatism.

"This is not about moderation or conservatives giving up what they are," he said. "It’s about redefining conservatism around…fiscal conservatism but more moderate stances... It's about redefining that conservatism in a way that fits with where the country is."