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Scarborough: Palin represented a time in politics that is passing us very quickly

Former Republican star and Alaska Gov.

Former Republican star and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and FOX news ended their partnership on Friday after three years, a source close to Palin told the Real Clear Politics Web site, the Morning Joe panel discussed Palin's exit on Monday morning.

"Sarah Palin represented a time and place in American politics and not 2008 so much as 2010. And that time is passing us very quickly. Party leaders are finally understanding that," Joe Scarborough told the panel.

Palin last appeared on Fox on December 19, 2012 when she spoke with the channel's Greta Van Susteren about Benghazi and the two discussed TIME's Person of the Year.

Scarborough called the move "important" because FOX News president Roger Ailes has been the "de facto" head of the GOP.

"He’s run the party; he’s run the conservative movement. And when Roger Ailes decides she’s not worth the trouble, it means conservatism is moving in a new direction," Scarborough said.

Scarborough added that Sarah Palin, who famously ran in 2008 as the vice presidential candidate with John McCain, was "more theatrics than anything else. Saying stupid things politically. Going on Facebook after Gabby Giffords was shot and talking about blood libel. One mistake after another."