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Rep. Cantor on repeal vote, why Americans 'don't like this bill'

"We’ve always been against this bill.

"We’ve always been against this bill. We don't think it's the right direction for America to go and we’re going to continue to try and fight and repeal this bill," House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said this morning -- the day after the Supreme Court's ruling on the president's Affordable Care Act.

Shortly after yesterday's big announcement, House Republicans including Cantor and Speaker John Boehner began calling for a full repeal of the law. The Washington Post also collected the immediate responses of several top Virginia GOP members, including one from Cantor.

In January 2011, the House voted to repeal the law, which then didn't make it out of the Senate.

NBC News' Tom Brokaw and Chuck Todd also joined the discussion, with Brokaw suggesting a full repeal would be difficult.

"I think the chances of undoing it in totality are pretty slim, and I think even Congressmen Cantor would probably agree to that unless they have a massive shift to an even larger Republican filibuster-proof Senate in the fall," Brokaw stated. "I do think we'll see fine tuning along the way."

The notion of a full repeal is supported by the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, Mitt Romney. In a brief speech following the Supreme Court's decision Romney stated "What the court did not do on its last day in session, I will do on my first day as president." Romney could not repeal the law without help from Congress.

The House is set to vote again to repeal the legislation on July 11 after Congress' July 4 recess. The Democrats still control the Senate.

"We’ve got this mess on our hands," Cantor said in reference to the ACA and the Supreme Court's decision. "..and this really underscores the importance of this election. It determines the direction that we’re going to head in this country as far as health care is concerned."