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Quote of the Day: Dr. Z on OWS protests

Fmr. National Security Advisor to President Carter, Dr.

Fmr. National Security Advisor to President Carter, Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski: "So we have this financial and economic universe which is a result of deregulation, globalization, and Internet-ization – that is to say the instant flow of money – operating mysteriously. And you have a political universe, which seemingly is global, but is increasingly fragmented. There is no center of political direction or of political consensus, even. The United States, which has been playing the preeminent global role, is increasingly powerless. It can’t even assert its own interest in the Middle East. And it certainly is no longer dominant on the global economic scene. So you have this junction, and it’s the junction that takes place a time when the public is increasingly aware of the fact that some people are getting incredibly rich largely on the basis of speculation that is so mysterious, that even relatively educated people can’t understand it. Well, that is the source of this great frustration and of the beginnings of a global reaction against it. I think we are moving into a phase of serious social and political unrest worldwide."