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Newt Gingrich likens Hillary Clinton to Kim Kardashian

Gingrich compared the former Secretary of State, senator, and First Lady to a reality television star who earned fame for a sex tape on CNN’s "Crossfire".
Annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Held In D.C.
Newt Gingrich speaks during the 41st annual Conservative Political Action Conference on March 8, 2014 in National Harbor, Md.

Newt Gingrich thinks Hillary Clinton is the Kim Kardashian of politics.

Gingrich compared the former secretary of state, senator, and first lady to the reality television star who initially became famous for a sex tape on CNN’s "Crossfire", where he suggested that Hillary's political skills paled in comparison to her husband's.

“You have to understand the problem Bill has,” Gingrich said according to Politico. “Bill is to politics what Fred Astaire is to dancing, he is just automatically amazing and he wants to have Ginger Rogers out there dancing. Instead [with Hillary Clinton] it’s a little bit like watching Kim Kardashian get kicked off the stage by Prince because she couldn’t dance.”

The remarkably pop-culture savvy former Speaker of the House who lead the charge to impeach Clinton when he was president was referring to a 2011 concert at NYC's Madison Square Garden where the iconic "Purple Rain" singer brought Kardashian on stage, but eventually told her to leave because she wouldn’t dance.

“I think there’s a big problem, because I don’t think, as a candidate, that [she] dances very well,” Gingrich added. 

Republicans have sought to discredit the former secretary of state ahead of an expected 2016 candidacy for president and amid her ambitious "Hard Choices" book tour, though Clinton hasn't indicated whether or not she will run.