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Must Read Op-Eds for May 4, 2011

Here are today's major opinion and editorial columns.A CHANCE TO END THE 'WAR' BY KATRINA VANDEN HEUVELWASHINGTON POSTThough President Obama has wisely refused

Here are today's major opinion and editorial columns.

A CHANCE TO END THE 'WAR' BY KATRINA VANDEN HEUVELWASHINGTON POSTThough President Obama has wisely refused to refer to our actions against terrorist cells as a “war on terror,” he, too, has used the “war” as justification for the expansion of his executive authority, whether through the use of military tribunals or the embrace of indefinite detention. Today it is time not only to end the use of the term “war on terror,” but to end the war itself. It is time to bring our troops home. 


COOL HAND BARACK BY MAUREEN DOWDNEW YORK TIMESThe president’s studied cool and unreadable mien have sometimes distanced him from the public at moments of boiling crisis. But in the long-delayed showdown with Public Enemy No. 1, these qualities served him perfectly. ... But now the president has shown he can lead straight-on and that ... he knows how to order up that all-important backup helicopter. He has said that those who call him a wimp are mistaken, that there is often muscular purpose beneath his diffident surface. 

PARTY LIKE IT'S 2013NEW YORK TIMES EDITORIAL In the battle to pass a budget earlier this year, the White House agreed to Republican demands for government and private-sector audits of the consumer bureau. ... Such audits and studies might seem to be mere annoyances, but as part of a larger effort to derail the consumer agency, they are dangerous steps. Unless the administration offers a quick, full-throated defense, the agency may never fulfill its promise. And the process by which Congress is bought and sold — and consumers and taxpayers are hung out to dry — will be, once again, on full display. 

SUPPORT THE PALESTINIAN UNITY GOVERNMENT BY JIMMY CARTERWASHINGTON POST Many Israelis say that as long as the Palestinians are divided, there is no partner for peace. But at the same time, they refuse to accept a unity government. In Cairo this week, the Palestinians are choosing unity. It is a fragile unity, but the Quartet should work with them to make it secure and peaceful enough to jump-start final-status negotiations with Israel.

FOR 2012, A REVERSAL OF OBAMA'S SELLING POINTS BY HAROLD MEYERSONWASHINGTON POST [Obama will] have a significant record of achievement, including a close-to-universal health-care law and a new generation of regulations on our otherwise out-of-control banks. For their part, Republicans are still busy cooking up bad ideas he can run against. That, plus his national security bona fides and a second-rate Republican opponent, may be enough to secure him a second term. But unless Obama becomes as bold on the economy as he was in hunting down bin Laden, his campaign may not resemble Democratic campaigns of yore. 

FROM GUANTANAMO TO ABBOTTABAD BY JOHN YOOWALL STREET JOURNAL Mr. Obama deserves credit for ordering the mission that killed bin Laden. But he should also recognize that he succeeded despite his urge to disavow Bush administration policies. Perhaps one day he will acknowledge his predecessor's role in making this week's dramatic success possible. More importantly, he should end the criminal investigation of CIA agents and restart the interrogation program that helped lead us to bin Laden. 

A TIME TO SAY THANKS  BY JOE SCARBOROUGH POLITICOIt may be disconcerting for some that a civilized country rejoiced at the news of someone’s death the way America did on Sunday night. But for the first time since Sept. 11, all Americans — regardless of race, religion or politics — had something to celebrate. After enduring two wars, a financial collapse and worries that we were losing our place at the top of the global pecking order, the death of the monster who launched this horrific era is rightly considered a national catharsis. 

FAREWELL TO GERONIMO BY THOMAS FRIEDMANNEW YORK TIMESAll we can hope for is that this time there really will be a struggle of ideas — that in a region where extremists go all the way and moderates tend to just go away, this time will be different. The moderates will be as passionate and committed as the extremists. If that happens, both Bin Laden and Bin Ladenism will be resting at the bottom of the ocean.