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Must Read Op-Eds for May 13, 2011

Here are today's major opinion and editorial columns.MITT ROMNEY IN A TIME WARP  EDITORIALNEW YORK TIMESAt heart, he is still the kind of old-fashioned

Here are today's major opinion and editorial columns.

MITT ROMNEY IN A TIME WARP  EDITORIALNEW YORK TIMESAt heart, he is still the kind of old-fashioned northeastern Republican who believes in government’s role while trying to conceal it under a thin, inauthentic coating of conservative outrage. But in its blind abhorrence of President Obama, the party has also left behind former centrists like Mr. Romney, and it is unlikely that any amount of frantic pandering about the free market will change that. He is trapped not only between the poles of his party but between eras, a candidate caught in an electoral time warp.

SENIORS, GUNS AND MONEY  BY PAUL KRUGMANNEW YORK TIMESBut the Democrats aren’t engaging in scare tactics, they’re simply telling the truth. Policy details aside, the G.O.P.’s rigid anti-tax position also makes it, necessarily, the enemy of the senior-oriented programs that account for much of federal spending. And that’s something voters ought to know.

LET'S GO CAPS!  BY DAVID BROOKSNEW YORK TIMESThe whole thing could be enforced by adopting a version of the Bipartisan Policy Center’s save-as-you-go idea. This is like the pay-as-you-go rules that restrained spending and debt in the 1990s, only it is much tougher. If Corker’s spending caps and Reid’s deficit caps got together, the save-as-you-go plan would be their love child. The circumstances of the debt-ceiling fight make compromise more likely than at any other time. I wouldn’t say a grand bargain is likely, just more likely than it has been.

THE APPEAL OF A MITCH DANIELS'S PRESIDENTIAL RUN  BY RUTH MARCUSWASHINGTON POSTCandidate Daniels would press President Obama to sharpen his focus on getting the debt under control, and to spell out more clearly how that will be accomplished. He would be an especially worthy opponent — even if I flinch at the thought that he might succeed.

HOW WIKILEAKS VINDICATED BUSH'S ANTI-TERRORISM STRATEGY  BY DONALD RUMSFELDWASHINGTON POSTThe WikiLeaks documents, coupled with what we know about how bin Laden’s hiding place was discovered, may be among the clearest vindications yet of the Bush administration’s policies in the struggle to protect America and the free world from more terrorist attacks. They may prove the strongest arguments for keeping open the invaluable asset that is Guantanamo Bay.


If we're coming up on an election year, we're about to enter Full Oppo Shakedown. Republican operatives and hirelings are doing opposition research—digging deep, following personal and financial leads—on the guys who are running against their candidates. Obama operatives also be on the case, or already are. And so a thought on personal lives and the current election year. ... I think Americans right now ... will be generally inclined to give pretty much everyone a break. As long as all mischief is confined to the past.


Mr. Romney is not taking our advice, as his nearby letter shows. He even said yesterday that he would do it all over again in Massachusetts, which means he is in for a year in which Republicans attack him on policy while Democrats defend him on policy but attack him as a hypocrite. Who knows what GOP voters will make of all this, but we won't be surprised if Mr. Romney's campaign suffers as many broken bones (433) as Knievel.