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Must Read Op-Eds for June 6, 2011

Here are today's opinion and editorial columns.VOUCHERCARE IS NOT MEDICARE  BY PAUL KRUGMANNEW YORK TIMESCanadian Medicare looks sustainable; why can’t

Here are today's opinion and editorial columns.

VOUCHERCARE IS NOT MEDICARE  BY PAUL KRUGMANNEW YORK TIMESCanadian Medicare looks sustainable; why can’t we do the same thing here? Well, you know the answer in the case of the Republicans: They don’t want to make Medicare sustainable, they want to destroy it under the guise of saving it. So in voting for the House budget plan, Republicans voted to end Medicare. Saying that isn’t demagoguery, it’s just pointing out the truth.


The battle to slow the global AIDS epidemic has made astonishing progress over the past decade, especially in countries whose survival as functioning societies had once seemed threatened. The question is whether the momentum can be maintained at a time when donations are falling, the need for treatment is rising, and research suggests that with sufficient resources the epidemic could be stopped in its tracks.

THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION'S DANGEROUS COURSE OF LIBYA  BY RICHARD LUGARWASHINGTON POSTWaging war is the most serious business our nation does. Obtaining congressional approval for war is not simple. But because getting out of wars is so difficult, the Founders did not intend that getting into them should be easy. The president should take the lesson from the House vote, retract his endorsement of the Senate resolution and propose a joint resolution with the force of law. Such steps would signal his willingness finally to engage Congress on the Libyan war and be the starting point for a real debate in both houses.WHY WE MUST END MEDICARE 'AS WE KNOW IT'  BY ROBERT SAMUELSONWASHINGTON POST

It’s Ryan’s radicalism vs. President Obama’s tinkering. Which is realistic and which is wishful thinking? This important debate should rise above cheap political rhetoric. Burdened by runaway spending, Medicare “as we know it” is going to end. The only questions are when and on whose terms.THE KUCINICH REPUBLICANS  EDITORIALWALL STREET JOURNAL

If Mr. Obama won't defend his office, then Republicans ought to. This is what Mitch McConnell and John McCain are doing in the Senate, and it would be useful if some of the GOP Presidential candidates spoke up in the same way. Mr. Obama deserves criticism for his uncertain war resolve, and for tying himself down, like Gulliver, with a weak U.N. Security Council resolution and Arab League permission to act. But this is no excuse for tying his hands further at home in a way that will only increase the price of victory.