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Must-Read Op-Eds for August 23, 2012

All the Single LadiesCHARLES BLOWNEW YORK TIMESThe noxious "legitimate rape" comment by Todd Akin, Missouri congressman and Senate candidate, has me once again

All the Single LadiesCHARLES BLOWNEW YORK TIMESThe noxious "legitimate rape" comment by Todd Akin, Missouri congressman and Senate candidate, has me once again pondering a simple question: Why do any women vote Republican? ...The Republican Party already has a problem with women voters and can't afford to make it worse by having them focus on this issue. And that deficit is among single women, not married ones. ...This is the party that attacks reproductive rights and limits women's health options - which has the effect of limiting women's economy liberty - and whose proxies on the radio and TV openly show disdain for women, especially those not hitched to a man. Even if you're married now, you weren't always. You too were once a single lady.

Elizabeth Warren vs. Mr. PersonalityE.J. DIONNEWASHINGTON POSTElizabeth Warren is the kind of person Massachusetts has always liked to send to the U.S. Senate. ...So why hasn't one of this year's most exciting Senate candidates put the election away? The obstacle is a Republican incumbent who is making voters forget that he's a Republican. If former House Speaker Tip O'Neill preached that all politics is local, Sen. Scott Brown makes all politics personal. He's running even or, in one recent poll, slightly ahead of Warren simply because so many voters like him. ...Brown is a truly gifted retail politician, and Warren will never out-personality Mr. Personality. To win, she'll have to link thoughts and ideas to feelings, a skill rarely demanded of law professors.

Must-Read Op-Eds for August 22, 2012

Must-Read Op-Eds for August 21, 2012

The national debt, our $10 million-a-minute problemROSS PEROT/DAVID WALKERUSA TODAYThe key issues in 1992 included how to get the economy growing faster, how to ensure free but fair trade, how to address current and projected deficits and debt burdens, and how best to address the declining trust in government and confidence in the future. In 2012, we find ourselves in a strikingly similar position. ...We need to hear from both presidential candidates, as well as candidates for other federal offices, regarding how they propose to address these issues. The American people have neither the time nor the tolerance for any more demagoguery and partisan sniping. The stakes for this country are far too high.The 2012 Battle for the 'Undecided' KARL ROVEWALL STREET JOURNALThe moment is coming when what each candidate says about himself and his plans is more important than what he says about his opponent. After a brutal summer of negative exchanges between the candidates, voters are increasingly asking what Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney are each going to do for America. In this area, Mr. Romney has a decided advantage, since Mr. Obama doesn't even pretend to offer a second-term vision. ...Having a governing agenda gives the Romney campaign a significant advantage entering the fall. If pursued with clarity and vigor, it should be enough to win over voters who remain up for grabs-and with them, the election.Beware the Fiscal CliffDAVID FIRESTONENEW YORK TIMESThere's an easy way to cut the deficit nearly in half, the Congressional Budget Office said today: just do nothing when the various elements of the "fiscal cliff" click into place on New Year's Day. ...There's just one problem with that scenario - the country will also plunge into a recession. ...The only Republican solution to the problem identified by the C.B.O. - cutting taxes for all - would raise the deficit significantly, for years if not decades. The sharp spending cuts would pull down the economy. As much as the party tries not to admit it, its simplistic solutions would have very complex consequences.