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Must Read Op-Ed: Monday, August 3

Must Read Op-Ed: Monday, August 3
Joe Biden, Hillary Rodham Clinton
(AP Photo/Cliff Owen, File)

Mike Barnicle writes in The Daily Beast, 'Who Clinton really is remains a mystery. With Joe Biden, what you see is what you get.'  He goes on to say: 

According to several people around the Vice President, Maureen Dowd's piece in Sunday's New York Times was both accurate and descriptive of where he is today as the political world watches Hillary Clinton's seemingly inevitable yet stumbling march toward the Democrat's nomination. However, there is this one thing, this one nagging question that hovers above Hillary Clinton like a crop duster with a full tank of gas. It's been there for nearly three decades. It's always there, won't go away and seems as if it's never really fully answered and it is this: Who is she? Really, who is she?  Nobody wonders who Joe Biden is. He is still the guy who was so excited to be picked for the team that he slept in his uniform the night before his first Little League game.