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Morning Headlines: Wednesday, February 5

Morning Headlines: Wednesday, February 5
Morning JoeMorning Headlines

Winter Games Set to Open in the Shadow of a War Zone

Obamacare to cut work hours by equivalent of 2 million jobs: CBO

Health Law Is Seen as Leading Some to Leave Work Force

4 People Arrested in Inquiry Into Hoffman’s Death

U.S. is said to curb Pakistan drone strikes

Dana Milbank: Obamacare’s scorekeepers deliver a game-changer

Parker: Chris Christie has overtaken the news

GOP weapon 2: Hit ACA over 'insurer bailouts'

Christie's pain is Walker's gain

Magic Johnson Buying Pro Team

Bomb Blasts Kill 13 Near 'Green Zone'

Olympic Chief Tells Protesting Leaders To Shut It About Gay Rights

Target, Neiman Marcus executives apologize for data breach

North, South Korea Agree to Hold Family Reunions

FDA targets teens with new antismoking ads