Morning Headlines: Tuesday, January 28

Morning JoeMorning Headlines

Dire state of the union: America pessimistic about future, NBC/WSJ poll finds

Iconic folk singer, activist Pete Seeger dead at 94

Christie's political future in serious danger, poll shows

Snowden docs reveal U.K. spied on YouTube, Facebook

Richard Sherman: Crabtree confrontation was 'good-natured'

Once-in-a-generation storm descends on Deep South

Sochi mayor: We have no gay people as far as I know

Backing in G.O.P. for Legal Status for Immigrants

Spy Agencies Scour Mobile Phone Apps for Personal Data

Obama to Raise Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors

Karzai is said to suspect U.S. in insurgent attacks

Robinson: Get ready for climate change

Gerson: Obamacare breeds distrust of liberalism

Boehner, unchained

State of the Union 2014: How far will Obama go?

Chemical Spill In West Virginia Worse Than Initially Reported

Wendy Davis Rejects Bristol Palin's Swipe At Her Parenting

Google Glass now available with designer frames, prescription lenses

Egypt ex-President Morsi jail escape trial begins