Morning Headlines: Monday, January 27

Morning JoeMorning Headlines

Here are the headlines we’re reading this morning. Which headlines are getting your attention?

Can Obama hit reset after a rough year? What to expect from State of the Union?

Musical legends, new voices share stage at the Grammys

How Obama can break through Congress gridlock

Angry birds: Peace doves attacked after release at Vatican

Brain-dead, pregnant Texas woman taken off life support

Police identify mall shooter, but not his motive

E.J Dionne Jr.: The president and the post-Obama era

Samuelson: Why Ben Bernanke fell short

Afghanistan Exit Is Seen as Peril to Drone Mission

2014 Elections Likely to Keep Party Control Split

Russians Debate Sticker Price of Sochi Olympic Games

War on inequality … may take awhile

Google and Samsung Sign Broad Cross-Licensing Agreement

Economists See Little Effect on Hiring From U.S. Health-Care Law

No Gay People in Sochi, Mayor Claims

Broncos-Seahawks a great Super Bowl matchup