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Morning Headlines: Monday, February 17

Morning Headlines: Monday, February 17
Morning JoeMorning Headlines

Ethiopian Airlines Jet Hijacked by Co-Pilot: Geneva Airport Boss

'Science Guy' Bill Nye Debates Lawmaker on Climate Change

In Egypt, a Chasm Grows Between Young and Old

On Health Act, Democrats Run in Fix-It Mode

Juries Face Murky Tests in Florida Self-Defense Law

Drought’s Link to Climate Change Is Disputed

Attack on tourist bus signals a turn in Egypt conflict

E.J. Dionne: Raising the minimum wage is the right idea for the right

Does John Boehner still want to be House speaker?

Walker tries to sell tax cuts

Romney: Gay marriages not 'ideal'

Kerry Accuses Syrian Leader Of Stonewalling Peace Talks

Fog In Sochi Delays Olympic Events

Students Block Westboro Baptist Church's Michael Sam Protest With Wall Of Love

House Dems to use longshot tactic to force votes, tarnish GOP in midterms

UAW's Devastating Defeat in Tennessee: Four Blunt Points

Flappy Bird copycat apps being declined by Apple, Google?