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Mini-docs explore world of small-batch poster making and butcher shops

Sometimes it's the simple things that really grab me.

Sometimes it's the simple things that really grab me. Like, for example, gig posters.

As someone with a particularly unhealthy obsession with music and a corresponding devotion to the clever and unique ways music nerds create cool artwork and packaging for that music, I'm really drawn to a well-crafted gig poster.

Apparently so is Sergio Salgado, who directs these short docs on people with small businesses in their work spaces.

A few months ago, Salgado filmed Illinois artist Jay Ryan, who runs the small-batch gig and art poster company, The Bird Machine (Full disclosure: I have one of Ryan's creations -- this Interpol/Secret Machines poster -- hanging over my records at home). Salgado takes an exacting and loving look at how Ryan creates his very colorful and very cool creations, and the video looks something like a cross between a "This American Life" episode (you know, back when it was on TV for a bit) and an Errol Morris film.

And lest you think Salgado is only into music, he also takes a look at an Illinois butcher and his shop.

Great stuff!