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Mike Barnicle: We live in the 'land of no eye contact'

Now you see me; now you don't.

Now you see me; now you don't. The majority of people walk around on sidewalks and in subways and airports with their eyes buried in their phones and fingers texting at rapid speed.

"I say to my son all the time: 'Look me in the eye. Look me in the eye,' " Brian Shactman, host of "Way Too Early," said during an Afternoon Mo Joe roundtable discussion.

The panel began the roundtable with a discussion about the fifth anniversary of Apple's App Store. Ten million apps were downloaded from the store during the first weekend after the company first released at least 500 apps in 2008. Apple boasted 50 billion app downloads by May 2013.

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But the exact future of technology and new gadgets is unknown, which is frightening to parents, said Nicolle Wallace, former communications director for George W. Bush. She said she thinks wallets will be obsolete in a few years because of new technology.

"If the whole mindset of a parent is to protect [children]," she said, "how do you protect them if you don't even understand as a parent the technologies as well as your kids do?"

"We're always looking for the next thing that's going to make the next thing we have to do easier," Michael Steele, msnbc political analyst, said during the discussion. "So the app world is kind of redefining not just how we communicate but how we conduct business, how we identify information, how we converse with each other; it's not going anywhere."

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