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Jonathan Capehart on hurricane preparedness, his many fans

Ahh, Jonathan Capehart.

Ahh, Jonathan Capehart. So great to have on the show and as a Way Too Early host when Willie isn't at 30 Rock.

Well, we here on the Morning Joe blog noticed something of a trend: You folks who follow us on Twitter and 'Like' us on Facebook really seem to gravitate to Mr. Capehart as well.

So we decided to tell him about it.

What you have here is a little green room chat with Jonathan as he was preparing to head back to D.C. and into the storm that is Irene.

I asked him if he really planned to ride out the hurricane with a bottle of Russian Standard and watching season 3 of "Sex and the City." I also asked him how he REALLY prepares for a storm and how he felt about his fans.

Take a listen.