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Joe: Trump crushes Ronald Reagan's Republican Party

Joe: Trump crushes Ronald Reagan’s Republican Party
Donald Trump
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gives a thumbs-up as he is introduced during a campaign rally in Concord, N.C., Monday, March 7, 2016. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

Donald Trump boasted yesterday, "There's only one person who did well tonight: Donald Trump." With these big wins last night, Joe Scarborough writes that it's time to say, "So long to Morning in America." 

Joe writes in The Washington Post

Friday morning, America and the world will say goodbye to Nancy Reagan in California. But Tuesday, it was Michigan and Mississippi that may have signaled the end of Ronald Reagan’s fabled coalition that ruled Republican politics for 40 years.After absorbing a brutal wave of attacks from the GOP establishment, including a nasty broadside from Mitt Romney, a thrice-married Manhattan billionaire who once loyally supported Hillary Clinton and who continues to lavish praise on Planned Parenthood swept to victory Tuesday night. Donald Trump easily won the night on the strength of a working-class coalition that included evangelicals in Mississippi and Reagan Democrats across Michigan. These are the same working-class voters who feel abandoned by their president, by their government and by the Republican Party.

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