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Joe: The GOP must reform or die

Joe: The GOP must reform or die
Donald Trump
Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, speaks during the final day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Thursday, July 21, 2016. (AP...

Joe Scarborough writes in The Washington Post

As Mika Brzezinski, Willie Geist and I have said for a year now, there are not enough white guys in America to elect Trump president without the support of others. His narrow strategy worked in a 17-person primary fight, and it may have even gotten him elected president had there been a few other legitimate third-party candidates.But Trump's rhetoric seems to have limited his vote percentage to about 40 percent from the start of his campaign, and in 2016, that will not be enough to win. ...[I]t is past time that someone in the Republican Party leadership uses his or her position of influence to hammer into the heads of recalcitrant members that a half-century later, Reagan's party is about to lose a presidential race's popular vote for the sixth time in seven elections.The Republican Party must reform or die. Because if it stays on its current course, George W. Bush's fear may be proven right. He may be the last Republican ever elected to the White House.

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