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Joe: The devolution of the GOP

Joe: The devolution of the GOP
George Bush, Barbara Bush
Former President George H. W. Bush, right, and his wife, Barbara Bush, center, are greeted before a Republican presidential primary debate at The University...

Joe Scarborough writes in The Washington Post: 

[G]ood luck getting George or Barbara Bush talking about themselves. They just don't do it and they never will. First of all, their parents didn't allow it. And besides, that kind of thing wasn't done in the world from which they came. It is just one small way that the ethos of Walker's Point is so radically different from the mindset that infects Donald Trump's garish corner office high above 5th Avenue in Trump Towers.As [Jon] Meacham and I walked down the driveway after saying goodbye to the Bushes, Jon lamented the fact that the same Republican Party that nominated a man like Bush, who rarely spoke about himself, would a quarter century later select a reality TV showman who obsessively talked about little else.Meacham paraphrased Henry Adams in saying that the historical devolvement from Bush to Trump proves that Darwin's theory of evolution was less compelling when applied to American politics.

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