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Joe: Don't cry for us, we aren't Argentina

Joe: Don’t cry for us, we aren’t Argentina
Donald Trump
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a rally at Griffiss International Airport on Tuesday, April 12, 2016, in Rome, N.Y. (AP Photo...

Joe Scarborough calls elites "fools" for "grossly overestimating Trump’s Vader-like powers while underestimating America’s elaborate system of political checks and balances." He points out that The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson said last week on MSNBC, “I lived in Argentina for four years during its worst times, and let me tell you, we are not there yet, guys.”

Joe writes in The Washington Post

...I am so exhausted by decades of screamers on talk radio and cable news, and the legions of angry partisans who spend their days and nights predicting America's collapse. ... [N]ow, these histrionics have risen to a new, mind-numbing roar with media outlets across the political spectrum warning of a solitary man so cunningly evil that he alone possesses the ability to destroy American democracy in a single bounce.

Never mind that only a few months back, these same outlets dismissed Donald Trump as a vulgarian stooge spawned from the cultural backwash that pollutes our reality-TV culture. As with most of Bush and Obama's sworn enemies, Donald Trump's antagonists can't decide whether he is a bloated dunce or an all-powerful supervillain set to appear in the next "Avengers" movie.

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