'I'm alive': Gabby Giffords skydives

Three years after being shot in the head, Gabrielle Giffords is taking a leap of faith.

A leap out of a plane, that is--Giffords marked the three-year anniversary of her shooting by skydiving.

“I’m alive,” she said of what the jump means for her.

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Giffords was shot in the head at a constituent event at a local grocery store in Tucson, Arizona, in January 2011 along with 18 others; six died. After three years, she’s regained much of the movement she lost, though speech is still difficult. She and husband Mark Kelly have become avid advocates of gun control and background checks, starting a PAC, Americans for Responsible Solutions, dedicated to fighting for background checks.

“Good stuff!” Giffords can be heard saying as she flies through the sky. Once safely on the ground, Giffords looked elated.

Just before she jumped—with TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie along for the ride—the vice president gave Giffords a ring.

“You’ve got more spunk, as my mother would say, than ten of the best people I know,” Joe Biden told her.