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House Republican: Meeting with president was 'positive'

Rep. Buck McKeon said he is both hopeful and anxious to hear from leaders about the progress made overnight after President Obama met with House Republicans.

It’s time for the country to move forward and not dwell on mistakes made in the past because at least President Obama and House Republicans are now sitting down and having discussions, California Rep. Buck McKeon said Friday. The two groups met Thursday to discuss possible negotiations on ending the current government shutdown, which is now in its eleventh day.

“I think last night was very positive,” McKeon, a Republican, said on Morning Joe. “At least now we’re talking…It’s best for the American people.”

Although McKeon declined to provide details about the elements discussed between both parties, he said he felt more optimistic than he has for the past few weeks about the future of the country.

“We left the meeting with the decision that the president would talk to his people, we would talk to our people, they would talk to each other, which they did through the night,” said McKeon, who is also chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. “I’m hopeful. I’m anxious to hear from our leadership this morning as to the progress that was made during the night.”

“At the end of the day, we’re going to get this worked out,” he added, “and hopefully it will make things better for the nation.”