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'Hope is on the way' with bi-partisan group

The co-chairs of No Labels work to solve problems and find politicians willing to put the country before themselves or their parties.

The co-chairs of No Labels believe the way to bring the country out of crisis is matching a national strategic agenda with an infrastructure of Republicans and Democrats who are willing to put aside their egos and show empathy for the next generation, they said on Monday's Morning Joe.

"You've got to share a vision for this country" said Joe Manchin, co-chair of No Labels and Democratic senator from West Virginia. "If you share that vision, you'll start finding a commonality. That's what needs to be done."

No Labels (tagline: Stop Fighting, Start Fixing) is a bi-partisan organization whose mission is to move America from the "old politics of point-scoring toward a new politics of problem-solving."

Manchin, along with fellow co-chairs Jon Huntsman and Mark McKinnon, discussed the urge to find a solution ahead of unemployment benefits expiring at the end of the month for 1.3 million American workers. Both parties are fighting over the deadline, one of President Obama's top priorities.

Additionally, they said, the United States does not have a national set of strategic goals, a problem they are trying to solve.

"We've got to do something about structural unemployment; we've left a lot of people behind," former Republican governor of Utah Jon Huntsman said. "The only way to deal with that is rebuilding the opportunity ladder and giving people a way up."

"We're going to find some fixes," Manchin added. "We've got to."