Politicians read haters' tweets

Haters gonna hate, but even they’d have to admit—prompting legislators to read that hate on camera is pretty hilarious.

A new series of videos by NowThis News is prompting legislators confronting the hate, riffing off Jimmy Kimmel’s notorious series that prompts celebrities to read their digital critics rants aloud.

“Your ignorance is overshadowed only by your naiveté,” Connecticut Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy reads. “Hash-tag L–M-A-O, which I assume means legislators make America outstanding.”

“You really suck a pig’s ass,” reads prolific tweeter and Missouri Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill with an impressively straight face.

“Paul Ryan has such pretty blue eyes, sometimes it’s easy to forget he’s Satan incarnate,” reads Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan, with almost perplexed surprise as he looks up with wide eyes.

Watch the full batch below.