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Almost half of Americans want to replace everyone in Congress

If every member of Congress was replaced, the government body would be "better off," according to one poll.
John Boehner
Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-Ohio, right, is cheered as Republican members of the House of Representatives rally after passing a bill that would prevent a government shutdown while crippling the health care law that was the signature accomplishment of President Barack Obama's first term, at the Capitol in Washington, Friday, Sept. 20, 2013.

If every member of Congress was replaced, the government body would be "better off," according to 47% of Americans surveyed in a USA Today/Princeton Survey Research poll released Tuesday. Just 4% said Congress would be "worse off."

GOP leaders have shouldered most of the blame for the 16-day government shutdown that some estimate cost the country $24 billion.

More than half—54%—of the country believed having GOP leaders in control of the House is “bad for the country," according to a CNN/ORC International poll published Monday. A mere 12% of the country approved. In addition, 63% of individuals polled voted in favor of replacing House Speaker John Boehner.

Three-quarters of the public voted "no" to re-elect Republicans to Congress, and more than half—54%—for Democrats, according to the CNN/ORC International poll.

The GOP must stop “governing by crisis every two months,” host Joe Scarborough said on Tuesday’s Morning Joe.

A whopping 86% of the public disapproved of Congress, according to the CNN/ORC poll.

Less than half—44%—of Americans approved of President Obama’s job. He earned his highest favorability rating—76%—on the CNN/ORC scale in February 2009. Even still, 44% of Americans surveyed said they had more confidence in Obama than the 31% who said they supported congressional Republicans.

A mere 10% of the public reportedly approved of Congress hours before the shutdown began on Oct. 1. By Oct. 9, just 5% said they supported the decisions being made by government leaders.

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