Incumbent Democrat Jeanne Shaheen trumps Brown in fundraising

Jeanne Shaheen speaks to members of the media after a policy luncheon, May 6, 2014.
Jeanne Shaheen speaks to members of the media after a policy luncheon, May 6, 2014.

Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen out-fundraised her Republican challenger Scott Brown in the second quarter by nearly a million dollars, according to data from both campaigns.

Shaheen raised more than $2.8 million from more than 31,000 donors, leaving her war chest with more than $5.1 million on hand, the campaign told msnbc on Monday morning. The first-term Democratic senator and former governor of the state has raised more than $10 million in this cycle as she attempts to fend off a challenge from Brown, fresh off his 2012 loss in Massachusetts to progressive Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren. The second quarter numbers are her strongest of the cycle, the campaign noted. 

Brown raised $2 million in the same period, his first full quarter in the race; they are his best numbers of the cycle as well, though it’s a far cry from the moneyed race he ran in Massachusetts against then-challenger Warren, where his fundraising reports topped $7 million in one quarter.

"Senator Shaheen is proud to have such strong grassroots support for her campaign and her work to put New Hampshire first and make a difference for the people who live and work here," a spokesman for Shaheen’s campaign, Harrell Kirstein, told msnbc in an email.

Shaheen is polling 10 points ahead of Brown; a recent poll estimated that she’ll win 49% of votes, with Brown earning 39% in the November general election.

Still, with former presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s endorsement, one Republican strategist said Brown may be gaining steam.

“I think it will certainly inspire folks to raise money — and give money — to Brown. It will help loosen those purse strings,” Romney’s former New Hampshire campaign director told the Boston Herald ahead of the endorsement.