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Brzezinski: Sen. Cruz doesn't love America

The Morning Joe panel discusses the Texas senator's love--or lack of love--for the country.
Ted Cruz
Republican Senator from Texas Ted Cruz speaks at a press conference after the Senate passed a temporary budget bill without defunding the Affordable Care Act in the US Capitol in Washington, DC USA, 27 September 2013.

Host Mika Brzezinski doesn’t think Sen. Ted Cruz loves America.

“I think he loves his prospects to develop a database more than he loves the country,” she said Monday on Morning Joe.

She disagreed with co-host Joe Scarborough, who said the Texas senator loves his country and is acting out of genuine concern.

“I have never once suggested that even the craziest left-wing lunatic didn’t love their country,” Scarborough said. “I think Ted Cruz believes that Obamacare is dangerous; I think he believes it’s devastating…I think that he is willing to take extreme measures to stop it from happening.”

Cruz filibustered the Obama administration’s new healthcare plan for more than 21 hours last month before Americans had the option to enroll starting on Oct. 1.

“This guy is a freshman senator,” Scarborough said. “At the end of the day, John Boehner has to decide whether he’s going to stand up like a man and do the right thing for the Republican party, do the right thing for the conservative cause, do the right thing for America across the world and put a clean CR on the floor and let the majority rule.”

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