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Bob Corker predicts debt deal within days

Discussions about spending among the government's leaders will lead to "good terrain" for Republicans, the Tennessee senator said.

An agreement between Democrats and Republicans could come as soon as Monday, Sen. Bob Corker from Tennessee said Monday.

“I think we’ll solve this problem over the next few days. I think today may be a very good day,” the Republican senator said on Morning Joe.

In addition, he told CNBC a deal is “very possible” because people want to see a solution emerge after 14 days of a government shutdown.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party is “back on the right page” because the focus has begun to shift back to the issues that make the country stronger, especially to fiscal responsibilities and national security.

“I do sense tremendous amounts of unity within Senate Republicans…to get back on those things that matter so deeply to our country,” said Corker, who is also a member of the Senate Banking Committee. “We’ve taken a little bit of a rabbit trail to a place that wasn’t helpful, but I think we’re back to where we need to be. We need to stay there.”

Nominating and electing a leader who will continue to focus on the issues will bring the Party “back to where we need to be,” he said.

Fourteen days of a closure has caused the usual steadiness of the United States to become off balance, which consequently causes allies to question Americans’ future ability to continue offering assistance.

“Anytime that our steadiness as a nation is questioned, it harms us. Anytime we place and question our ability to move ahead as a nation, it hurts us, and it causes people to begin to look other places,” he said. “Our inability to wrestle with these issues in an appropriate and regular way causes allies to question whether we’re going to be there.”

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