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Axelrod 'stache slash brings Obama, Trump together

Ever think you’d see President Barack Obama and Donald Trump agree on anything?
The 'stache off in progress (Louis Burgdorf / Morning Joe)
The 'stache off in progress

Ever think you’d see President Barack Obama and Donald Trump agree on anything?

Well, when it comes to slashing David Axelrod’s mustache—and raising money for epilepsy research—they're on the same team.

The group—as well as many other generous donors like George Clooney, Mark Cuban, Tom Hanks, Carole King, and Morning Joe's own Joe Scarborough—all came together in a bipartisan effort to raise funds for CURE, Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy.

The 'stache bets all began back in October, when the former senior adviser to the president used his 40-year-old mustache as collateral in a bet against Scarborough that Obama would win Minnesota, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

The president won those states, but Axelrod said he'd go ahead and shave his mustchae anyway if supporters could raise $1 million for his favorite charity, CURE, in honor of his daughter who has struggled with epilepsy.

"How are you feeling, David?" Scarborough asked, with Axelrod in the barber's chair Friday.

"Faint, a bit faint—I've got Mika standing over me with a straight razor," Axelrod said with a laugh.

"Any last requests? Would it like another smudge of mustard?" Scarborough quipped.

"I don't know—I've been talking to it all night. It's just saying why, why, why do we have to do this?"  Axelrod said.

After the banter, Axelrod and the Morning Joe crew were joined by the TODAY Show cameras for the 'stache off, with a professional barber—not Brzezinski—taking on the mustache.

"It looks good," Axelrod's wife, Susan said. "We're still married!"

Even the Donald couldn't resist getting in on the Morning Joe 'stache off and gave the show a call.

"I think he looks great!"