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'You deserve rape,' says student 'preacher' at University of Arizona

A student at the University of Arizona expresses in a new documentary his belief that provocatively-dressed women are to blame for their rape.
University of Arizona campus in Tucson.

Brother Dean Saxton wants women who drink excessively and wear revealing clothing to know that they may "deserve rape."

"I believe that there are certain qualities that may be worthy of rape. If a woman dresses provocatively, gets blackout drunk, and is wearing really revealing clothing, then I would say she is partially responsible for the rape," Saxton says in a new VICE Profiles documentary.

"I believe that feminism is hurtful to society."'

Saxton, who filmmakers dub a "slut shaming preacher," is a student at the University of Arizona. He decided this year to preach against what he calls "the sin of immodesty." The film portrays him shouting from a megaphone such phrases as "Give up your immodest clothing" and "Yoga pants are a sin."

Influenced by a street preacher, Saxton decided to write "You deserve rape" on a sign and publicly shout his declaration to other students on campus, where he says rape is "encouraged." He recently protested a screening of Brave Miss World, which shares the story of Linor Abargil who won the 1998 Miss World Pageant -- shortly after being raped.

"There's a lot of provocative, seductive pictures of her that she has put out of herself," Saxton says in the documentary. "I believe that if she was at home, and if she had kept to her orthodox Jewishness, that that rape really probably would not have happened."

In another scene he holds the sign and yells: "I'm sorry to say, but most of your dads are ashamed of you."

Saxton is seen throughout the film wearing shirts that read "Infidel," "Femi Nazi," "Virgin Pride," "Read Your Bible," and "You Whore," pieces of clothing that change depending on which group he plans to address.

Saxton agrees with a peer in the film who says she heard him saying women should "just get into the kitchen."

"I believe that feminism is hurtful to society," he says, adding that individuals who don't submit to their husbands seem to defy Scripture.

Many people on campus have criticized Saxton and his views, often ripping his shirt, pushing his rape sign out of his hands, and throwing a drink at him. Saxton goes silent and wipes his eye before the video fades to black after an interviewer behind the camera asks him how many people he considers to be his close friends.