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Apple pie and the thorny issue of illegal immigration

Filmmaker Chris Weitz joined Morning Joe earlier today.

Filmmaker Chris Weitz joined Morning Joe earlier today. His new film "A Better Life" takes a look at immigration in Los Angeles, focusing on a father -- an illegal immigrant-- and his struggles with raising his (legal) son.

Weitz says the film doesn't aim to have a pro- or anti- immigration stance. "It gives you perspective into the lives that we're talking about as numbers and statistics. [The movie] is not really done as a sort of ponderous lesson. It's an adventure that a father and son take through Los Angeles."

Weitz adds that the movie plot is somewhat of a shared experience: "Somebody in the back of our family history has made great sacrifices to come to this country and make things better for their family."

The director did get a little political on the show, offering this analysis of the immigration issue: 

I would say we're in a place where nobody is telling the truth. Let's face it, big business wants illegal immigration because it lowers wages and the Democrats, although they depend upon the Hispanic vote are also in league with organized labor who don't want legal immigration. Nobody's really willing to take a look at the truth of the matter, and people don't speak very honestly about it.

Weitz also talked about the unique range of his films -- he also directed "Twilight," "About a Boy" and "American Pie."  "I just try to keep moving on to the next thing that's fun. I don't want to get pigeon-holed."

Before leaving the set, Weitz did make fun of Mika's five coffee cups on the table... and the group's exchange revealed that Mika totally does not get the pop-culture moment that was Jim Levenstein (Jason Bigman) "having sex" with an apple pie.