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What we're reading: March 14, 2012

We're back from our "weekend," and right in time for Santoromentum!

We're back from our "weekend," and right in time for Santoromentum! (Don't Google that.) Last night, presidential hopeful Rick Santorum swept the primaries in Mississippi and Alabama. Slate's John Dickerson :

The Santorum campaign wants Gingrich out of the race. Though Santorum’s bid remains fragile, he has consistently beaten Gingrich. He would have a better shot at beating Mitt Romney in future states if he was the only alternative, since he would win a larger share of Gingrich's voters (though he certainly wouldn't win all of them). "The time is now for conservatives to pull together," Santorum said in his victory speech, calling a two-man race the best chance to win the election.

As the primary calendar heads towards Missouri (again), Puerto Rico, and Illinois, is the Republican contest finally a two-man race? Is Gingrich's candidacy dead (but he doesn't know it?) That, and what else the "MHP" staff has our eyes on this fine Wednesday:

Also, last Friday, Melissa joined Rachel Maddow to talk about the economics of the environment, and this show! We hadn't put it up on the blog yet, so you can check it out after the jump.