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The September 7 'MHP' Syllabus

Sunday on Melissa Harris-Perry, we’ll look at a president in crisis-management mode. Immigration, abortion access, Ferguson, Ebola, and more. 10am ET, msnbc!

Sunday on Melissa Harris-Perry, we’ll look at a president in crisis-management mode.

First: a missed opportunity? The White House announced Saturday that President Obama will delay any potential executive action on immigration until after the November midterm elections. Later, NBC News reported that he blamed the recent border crisis for changing the politics on the issue.

Is this a political move to protect Democratic candidates? Or will this delay upset Latino voters and hurt turnout for the President’s party? New York Timeseditor-at-large Marcus Mabry will join host Melissa Harris-Perry in a discussion about the challenges facing President Obama: from the political pressure over immigration reform, to ISIS, to sagging poll numbers, and disappointing job numbers.

Then, the good news out of Texas and Louisiana for women’s reproductive health that may be short-lived. Amy Hagstrom Miller, president and CEO of Whole Woman's Health, will join us to discuss recent rulings that keep abortion clinics – including ones that she runs – open in those two southern states for now.

We’ll switch gears to talk about the Ebola crisis that’s getting worse by the day. We’ll bring you the latest plus an incredible panel on how the crisis is affecting the economic security and political stability of western Africa. Guests include: Mark Quarterman, research director of the Enough Project; Ebola expert Laurie Garrett; veterinarian Dr. William Karesh; and Frankie Edozien, journalist and director of the "Reporting Africa" Program at New York University's Journalism School.

Also, policing the police? The Department of Justice is launching a civil rights investigation into the Ferguson Police Department. Will the investigation expose a history of civil rights violation? We’ll look at what the DOJ can and can’t do and why the federal investigation matters.

All that, plus remembering a comedic pioneer, Joan Rivers.

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