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The September 21 'MHP' Syllabus

Actor Malcolm-Jamal Warner and Melissa look back at "The Cosby Show," 30 years later! Also, "Bad Feminist" author Roxane Gay and many more join us at 10am ET!

This Sunday, host Melissa Harris-Perry is back in #nerdland and ready to bring you a jam-packed, star studded show!

At the top, the latest on efforts to degrade and destroy ISIS. Should we be concerned about mission creep? What exactly is the mission? Is Congress standing up to its wartime duties? Earl J. Catagnus, Jr., Chantelle Bateman, and Matt Southworth, all Iraq War veterans, will weigh in on these questions and more. Read about the strategy to counter ISIS here.

Next, good news for Obamacare, as the 7.3 million people now signed up for government-sponsored insurance plans exceeds the six million enrollees predicted by the Congressional Budget Office for the year. But are certain demographics left on the outside looking in? We will explore whether the refusal of some states to expand Medicare coverage is having a disparate impact on people of color.

Then, what is the future of feminism? In a debate published this week at New Republic, Rebecca Traister and Judith Shulevitz weighed in with very different perspectives. They will join us in #nerdland to continue the conversation. Later in the show, Roxane Gay, author of “Bad Feminist” will join us as well.

And, corporal punishment and culture—what’s the link? Star running back Adrian Peterson’s career as a Minnesota Viking is in question on the heels of public outcry over allegations of child abuse. We’ll get into the cultural implications in the debate over corporal punishment.

Finally, it’s hard to overstate just how dramatic an impact The Cosby Show had on the representation of Black families on television. Malcolm Jamal Warner, “Theo” on The Cosby Show, JoMarie Payton-Downs, “Harriette” on Family Matters and “Suga Mama” on Disney’s Proud Family, Cori Murray, entertainment director at Essence, and Kevin Fallon, senior entertainment reporter at The Daily Beast, join us to discuss the legacy of the Huxtables and black representation as we take an extended look at the 2014 Fall TV line up.

Tell us about your favorite Cosby Show moment on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #nerdland, and be sure to read what we’ve linked above. Watch Melissa Harris-Perry Sunday at 10am ET on msnbc!