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The September 13 'MHP' Syllabus

President Obama presented his case for war against ISIS this week. Who’s helping him build that case? That, and much more at 10am ET on msnbc.

Get ready for a packed show on Saturday, #nerdland.

First: the deliberate decision-maker. President Obama announced Wednesday that he has chosen to bomb parts of Iraq and to send American troops to advise Iraqi forces against ISIS. The president used his primetime pulpit to explain to the American people why he has chosen this course of action. Our panelists will discuss President Obama’s address and why he is so determined to explain his vision, policies, and actions to the public. Read the president’s statements here.

Then, the latest on the controversial police shooting at a Walmart in Beavercreek, Ohio. Did a witness change his story?

And, who are the real winners: the survivors or our consciences? Our amazing panel will discuss how some domestic violence sanctions serve to make the public feel better but fail at actually protecting and empowering survivors. We’ll discuss what drives many survivors into silence, including housing policies that leave them vulnerable to eviction. Guests include: Irin Carmon, msnbc reporter; L.Y. Marlow, award-winning author and founder of Saving Promise, a national domestic violence prevention organization; Madeline Garcia Bigelow, managing director of Domestic Violence Project; and Dewan Smith-Williams, wife of a former NFL player.

Sticking to the themes of power, control, and abuse, we’ll turn our attention to the awful story out of Oklahoma. We’ll give you the latest on Daniel Holtzclaw, the officer who was charged with sexually abusing at least eight women, all of them black women, while on duty. The president of the NAACP's Oklahoma chapter, Anthony Douglas, will join us to discuss this case and the effort to classify the allegations against Holtzclaw as hate crimes.

All that, plus comedian Jamie Kilstein takes us to a million-dollar parking space in Manhattan and host  Melissa Harris-Perry talks to NFL alum Wade Davis about the league's first-ever LGBT community gameday!

Be sure to read what we’ve linked above, and watch Melissa Harris-Perry Sunday at 10am ET on msnbc! Also, don’t forget to join us on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #nerdland.