The November 2 'MHP' Syllabus

Sunday's Melissa Harris-Perry digs deep into the midterm election. The Senate race in North Carolina is not only one of the closest of this midterm election season, it may be the most expensive, with over $100 million spent already. And in Georgia, where the race is equally close, 50,000 voter registrations are missing. (Or not, depending upon who you ask.)

Host Melissa Harris-Perry welcome back GOP consultant Katon Dawson, along with Fordham political science professor Christina Greer and pollster Fred Yang, in to talk midterms on our last show before Election Day. MHP will also have the results of a new NBC News/Marist poll on some of the key senate races and a look at how the election could reshape the balance of power in the chamber.

In September, the Supreme Court allowed controversial cuts to Ohio’s early voting schedule. The reduction means that November 2 is the only Sunday of early voting in the Buckeye State, days which African-American churches frequently utilize to coordinate “Souls to the Polls” campaigns to get out the vote. How will that have an effect on Ohio’s midterm races? Our panel will discuss.

This week, in an article penned for Businessweek Magazine, Apple CEO Tim Cook came out as gay. Duke University’s Dorie Clark and activist/writer Darnell Moore will join our panel to talk about what being out in the workplace means.

Last but not least, we have Stockton, CA city councilman Michael Tubbs, whose ascent to office is the subject of the documentary True Son, which debuted at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival. The film chronicles Tubbs’ rise to office and how he built his campaign around engaging with youth.

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