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The MHP Daily: June 20, 2012

However you might characterize the news day there was in #nerdland, it's fair to say that these very nerdy, yet hilarious attack-ad parodies done by the good folks at Mother Jones:

In HBO's hit show Game of Thrones, there are dragons, sword fights, and zombie armies. But the heart of the show is intense political intrigue. Alliances are forged and broken; back room deals are cut; principles are sacrificed. It's a dirty game. Yet imagine how much more unsavory it would be if super-PACs and dark-money outfits existed in the Seven Kingdoms.

Funny way to make an important point. Other stories that caught the attention of #nerdland on our "Monday" included a report that housing prices rose, but not for everyone; the Senate rejected about $4.5 million in food-stamp funding, but not without some backlash; a new Florida poll supports both the voter purge and "Stand Your Ground"; and a group in Alabama is alleging that the state isn't obeying federal voter registration laws.

Also, we should issue one MHP Daily clarification from yesterday's edition: Massachusetts senator Scott Brown did indeed have some, ahem, interesting conditions for agreeing to debate his Democratic challenger, Elizabeth Warren -- one of which was that msnbc not sponsor the debate. Well, our own Rachel Maddow noted something Tuesday night which was left our of the report we cited and that we subsequently neglected to mention.

msnbc never was a sponsor of the debate to begin with.

Best I just let Rachel explain in her segment below, after the jump.