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The MHP Daily: June 19, 2012

We have a later MHP Daily today than usual.

We have a later MHP Daily today than usual. We had to wait for all the weird news to surface.

We mentioned earlier that Ohio senator Rob Portman co-owns a haunted hotel. Also, Mike Tyson will perform on Broadway, Mitt Romney is going to speak at the NAACP convention (maybe that's not so weird), "Joe the Plumber" is blaming the Holocaust on gun control (see above), and folks seem confused about whether ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak has died -- "clinically," or not. (More on that as it develops.)

Speaking of Romney, he seems to be content letting loose his most childish acolytes:

He told Fox News Radio on Tuesday that he doesn’t believe in “unilateral disarmament,” but said it would “be a nice thing” if both sides would stop yelling at each other during campaign events. … Romney was asked if he would also condemn heckling during Obama events. He declined.

Speaking of Republican weak sauce, Massachusetts senator Scott Brown won't be debating his Democratic challenger, Elizabeth Warren -- all because he has some very strange demands that weren't fully met. One of them was that msnbc be dropped as a sponsor of the Tom Brokaw-moderated debate, because his campaign alleges that "we prefer debates with local media sponsors, not out-of-state cable networks with a reputation for political advocacy.”

I'll skip dignifying that with a response, particularly since it seems the organizers were going to be flexible on that point. Instead, I'll note Brown's other, much stranger demand:

The Kennedy Institute rebuffed the Brown campaign’s demand that Vicki Kennedy, widow of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy and president of the institute named in his honor, pledge to not make any endorsement throughout the Senate race.

Let's recap: Scott Brown will agree to debate the issues with his opponent provided that our network not sponsor the event and, more importantly in Massachusetts, the widow of Ted Kennedy has to pinky-swear not to endorse Warren (real talk, if he thought he had a chance, he wouldn't have made the request). OK, then.

Other stories which caught our eye today include: Justin Elliott's ProPublica report questioning the Obama administration's drone death count;  the dismissal of Pakistan's prime minister; a new and very early paternity test that threatens to ruin future "Maury" episodes; the National Review has replaced one racist with another; a look from The American Prospect at how the President's newly announced immigration policy affects those on death row; and why the Saudi prince's death is a big deal.

Be sure to let us know below in the comments what you've been reading today.