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The August 17 'MHP' Syllabus

Ferguson, Ferguson, Ferguson. Host Melissa Harris-Perry will discuss the first night of the city's curfew, the history of "sundown towns," and more! 10am ET.

One week after the police shooting of Michael Brown, Governor Jay Nixon has stifled protest by putting in place a curfew in Ferguson, Missouri.  By now you’ve likely seen the images of militarized police forces and mass demonstration but if you haven’t been following all of the details of this story read in here about:

On Sunday, host Melissa Harris-Perry will talk to people on the ground in Missouri, including State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal who has earned a reputation for speaking her mind to the governor, and Congressman Lacy Clay, who helped deliver the news of the curfew on Saturday.

Read up on some of the issues we’ll be discussing on Sunday such as the paradoxical demographics of Ferguson’s elected officials,and the lingering history of "sundown towns" in America

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