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In our September 29 show, it isn't a game

We're in the thick of it, folks. November 6 is around the corner.

We're in the thick of it, folks. November 6 is around the corner. You would think the Romney campaign would get this, but instead they face the reality of a candidate who is acting like a mark pretty much daily. (Perhaps he learned from "MC Sheriff" in the EPMD video above just how it's done.)

Our own Rachel Maddow last night highlighted comments from the Marriott International chairman thanking Mitt Romney for reeling in his yacht -- just like he'll do for America!

"So I finally found a place to park [the yacht] after about 20 minutes, and I pulled in, I said, 'Who's going to grab the rope?,' and I looked up and there was Mitt Romney. So he pulled me in, he tied up the boat for me. He rescued me just as he's going to rescue this great country."

I totally relate to that whenever I parallel park! Thanks, Mitt Romney!

Oh, and as Jay Smooth noted in his most recent videoblog for Animal New York, even Romney's own family members aren't helping:

Why is it that whenever Mitt Romney's family talks about Mitt Romney, they always tell stories that make him sound like a d*ck?I mean, I'm not judging; I'm sure he is a loving husband and a father, I'm not judging him as a person. I'm just saying, whenever his family talks about his family life, he ends up sounding like someone you'd never want in your house, much less the White House.

From #47percent and this week's "harvesting" comments (more on that later), to Clint and his chair and all the way back to the high-school gay bashing and putting the dog on the roof, I'm not sure that "messaging discipline" are words familiar to those in Romney's Boston headquarters. Or if they are, they're doing it wrong. It would be one thing if it were just something a quirky candidate does on the way to victory (see: Bush, George W.) The problem for the Romney campaign is that this stuff is hurting them (where it hurts, no less).

President Obama may have him marked for a whooping in a few weeks, and a sound one at that. He's lining up early voters while his opponent is still trying to get America to like him. But today, Melissa will get into a number of big reasons why this is not over.

Samuel L. Jackson made it quite clear in his new, not-so-much-a-children's story for Obama voters this week made it clear that he does not believe this is a game:

One of the biggest reasons this isn't over? Well, a lot of those Obama voters, even if they're jazzed up by Jackson's appeal, won't be able to vote. In particular, we'll dig into the insanity happening in Pennsylvania in today's edition of This Week in Voter Suppression!™ We'll also delve into how the NFL's replacement referee lockout turned some Republicans (even Scott Walker) pro-union; the fees and roadblocks that help form the achievement gap in this country's education system; and a Foot Soldier we got from a Facebook submission by a viewer out there in #nerdland!

Our guests include Democratic Congresswoman Gwen Moore of Wisconsin, political sports journalist and author Dave Zirin, msnbc contributor Ari Melber, and many more!

As always, folks -- be sure to interact with us during the show here in the comments of this post, on Facebook, and on Twitter, using the hashtag #nerdland. We look forward to having you join us at 10am ET on msnbc!

You can see the Jay Smooth video referenced above after the jump.


Ill Doctrine: What is the Polite Way to Tell Mitt Romney's Family That We Think He's a Weirdo? from on Vimeo.