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In our June 16 show, we're being economical

Americans are being bludgeoned with the message that This Election Is About the Economy!!! on a daily, perhaps hourly, basis.

Americans are being bludgeoned with the message that This Election Is About the Economy!!! on a daily, perhaps hourly, basis. Everything else be damned -- money, that's what we want. And it's a smart play by politicians -- particularly our presidential candidates. Whether or not we're politically aware as voters of what President Obama's or Mitt Romney's positions are on issues including the economy, we're aware of what our own bottom line is. And we place a broad public trust in the President to be a fixer.

The competing economic messages offered/reiterated this week by the President and Governor Romney will be a highlight of the discussion Melissa will have today. Who has the better plan, and does it matter? And considering that the recovery appears to be slowing, are people blaming this President, or the previous one?

Melissa will also dig deep into the landmark immigration policy decision announced yesterday by the President (between the heckles of a clown) in the Rose Garden: that his administration will cease seeking the deportation of most young illegal undocumented immigrants, instead allowing them to apply for work permits. Fresh off his new (and current) TIME magazine cover story, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist (and undocumented immigrant) Jose Antonio Vargas will lead a conversation about the policy's implications not just on folks like him, but on the politics of a presidential election (and local and state elections, for that matter).

We'll also bring you updates from Egypt's runoff elections today, and talk about how we're welcoming our new cyborg overlords. (Well, that's a bit strong, but you'll understand a little bit later.) Our guests include:

  • Richard Engel, NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent, live from Cairo, Egypt.
  • Ayesha Khanna, founder of the Hybrid Reality Institute, and co-author of "Hybrid Reality."
  • Parag Khanna, co-director of the Hybrid Reality Institute, senior fellow with the New America Foundation, and former adviser to the Obama campaign on South Asian issues. He is the second co-author of "Hybrid Reality."
  • Ricky Malik, Washington, DC-based immigration attorney.
  • Tara McGuinness, senior vice president for communications at the Center for American Progress, and the SVP of CAP Action.
  • Heydi Mejia, an undocumented Virginia student who has been granted a year's reprieve from deportation. Read her story here.
  • Israel Ortega, editor of, the Spanish-language site of the Heritage Foundation.
  • Thomas Roberts, journalist and msnbc host. Catch him weekdays at 11am ET.
  • Rinku Sen, president and executive director of the Applied Research Center, publisher of, and author of "The Accidental American."

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