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The May 10 'MHP' Syllabus

Putin celebrates "victory" in Crimea, Monica Lewinsky revisits her past, and we discuss the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls. That and more, Saturday on msnbc.

Did you see Russian President Vladimir Putin’s boat ride to Crimea, surveying his newly annexed land? And on Russia’s “Victory Day” no less – a day meant to commemorate the expulsion of Nazis in WWII. But there was Putin – celebrating “Victory Day” in Crimea. No subtlety there. Though Putin has spoken out against a referendum on independence set to be held in eastern Ukrainian cities on Sunday, it is hard to determine his underlying motives.

On Saturday’s Melissa Harris-Perry, join us for a discussion on Putin’s war games and the options Europe and the US have in combating them.

It’s rough times lately for Obamacare opponents. No matter where they turn, Affordable Care Act success stories keep raining on their political pessimism parades. In Florida, Gov. Rick Scott tried to no avail to collect ACA horror stories from senior citizens. When the enrollment numbers hit 8 million, some critics questioned how many of those would actually pay the premiums. Well don’t you just know, a congressional hearing found that at least 80% of enrollees had paid their first premiums. With all this good ACA news, it looks like Republicans might have lost a campaign platform. Or have they? We will take a deep dive into the successes of the ACA and how that success will affect the midterm elections.

It has been almost one month since more than 300 girls were kidnapped from their school by Islamist militia group Boko Haram in Chibok, Nigeria. While some managed to escape, the vast majority of the girls are still missing. It is unclear if the girls are even still in Nigeria or have been smuggled into bordering nations. On Saturday, we will bring you the latest on the international efforts to find the missing girls and bring them home, and allegations that Nigeria failed to act on advance warnings.

After nearly twenty years, Monica Lewinsky at long last has broken a long silence. In an eight-page spread in this month’s Vanity Fair, Lewinsky accepts her share of responsibility--but also calls out feminists for not coming to her aid and talks about the Internet’s power to perpetuate years of slut-shaming against her. Author and Guardian columnist Jessica Valenti joins us; read her latest on Lewinsky.

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