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'MHP' Syllabus: 9.5.15

This Saturday in #nerdland: Miley, what’s good? Plus Pope Francis and his message of inclusivity. And much more!
Melissa Harris Perry MHP The Syllabus
Melissa Harris Perry MHP The Syllabus

This Saturday in #nerdland: Miley, what’s good? And much more!

But first, Pope Francis and his message of inclusivity.

Then, the Class of 2016. The RNC gets Trump to pledge his loyalty to the Republican Party and whoever becomes their nominee. What does this say about the Grand Old Party? We’ll also take a look at the role of candidate authenticity, particularly for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. And finally, we’ll have a conversation about race in the Democratic Party.

Our panelists includes:

Plus, Hillary’s emails and the pressures faced by parents in the workplace. In February 2010, Anne-Marie Slaughter sent the following message to Secretary Clinton:

"Your staying home tomorrow will make lots of parents at higher levels feel ok about staying home with their kids. I may be one of them!"

Contrast that with Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s announcement on Tumblr that she is pregnant with twin girls and expected to deliver in December. She wrote: "I plan to approach the pregnancy and delivery as I did with my son three years ago, taking limited time away and working throughout." During that pregnancy, Mayer worked through much of her term and chose to take only two weeks of maternity leave, even though the company offered more. Her announcement comes amid a movement to increase the length of parental leave throughout the nation. But if the women in charge do not take the time they are allotted, will that dissuade the women in their organizations—many of whom possess fewer resources for childcare assistance—from taking time off? Ellen Bravo will join our panel for a conversation about women at work.

Then: What’s good? Leading up to Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards, there was much speculation about what the night would bring. What antics could we expect from host, Miley Cyrus? Would Kanye pull a Kanye? Would Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj officially bury the hatchet in person? Little did we know that the biggest surprises of the night would come from Nicki checkin’ Miley live onstage. We’ll discuss Nicki’s refusal to be silenced, as well as Kanye’s 2020 presidential bid. The Crunk Professor herself, Brittney Cooper, joins us for this conversation.

All that, plus, 12 Chicago residents who have been going hungry to bring attention to the closure of their neighborhood's only high school; “Sad White Boy Blues” from a #nerdland favorite; and more.

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