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'MHP' Syllabus: 2.28.15

Saturday on MHP: the things Republicans are saying and who is getting them to say it!

Saturday on MHP … the things Republicans are saying and who is getting them to say it! From stump speeches to CPAC, GOP stars are talking more and more about inequality and poverty in America. And it might all be because of one man who is bending their ears.

Also: filing civil rights charges … or not. The Department of Justice has decided not to file charges against George Zimmermann. Still to come – a decision on Ferguson. Our panel includes:

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Then, Grenades? Last May a SWAT team tossed a “flash bang grenade,” a device that temporarily blinds and deafens anyone in the vicinity, into the home of a suspected meth dealer in Cornelia, Georgia. The grenade landed on the pillow of a sleeping one-year old who has undergone numerous surgeries for his injuries. Joining us for this segment will be Julia Angwin, Senior Reporter at ProPublica.

Oscar Night, Hollywood’s Biggest and…Whitest? After her speech for Best Supporting Actress, Patricia Arquette told the LGBT community and people of color that it was time for them to support women. The internet exploded with criticism of Arquette’s understanding of feminism and intersecting identities. In addition, Oscar host Neil Patrick Harris decided to “recognize” a few actors of color, particularly “The Help” Oscar winning actress, Octavia Spencer when he asked her to watch his prop.

Or was it that he was using her as a prop?

We’ll be joined by:

All that, plus, what color is the dress?

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