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'MHP' Syllabus: 1.18.15

We'll break down President Obama's community college plan, discuss Mike Huckabee's parenting advice for the Obamas, and much more. Join us at 10am ET on msnbc!

President Obama recently announced a bold plan to provide a free community college education to millions of students across the United States. What does his plan mean for community colleges, for-profit colleges, the economy and students? Will the policy reduce income and wealth disparities and lead to a less stratified society? Our panel will answer those tough questions and take a look at the political battle that will surely ensue. Check out these sources for more information about President Obama’s plan:

Did you know that the largest transfer of wealth is underway? A new report reveals $6 trillion of wealth will be transferred over the next three decades. With most of that transfer taking place within families, is there any hope to curb the ever growing wealth gap? Our experts will debate the estate tax and if inheritances undermine a basic American value: meritocracy. Guests include:

Check out these interesting reads about wealth, inheritance and inequality:

Then, parenting politics. Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee criticized the First Family for allowing their teenage daughters to listen to and watch Beyonce--after he had already compared the superstar singer and her husband, Jay-Z, to a prostitute and a pimp, respectively. We’ll use his remarks to get into a larger discussion about parenting in 2015. In this conversation, we’ll also discuss "free-range" kids and ask the question: are their parents neglectful or teaching them important life skills?

Later, we’ll shift to pop culture. Janet Mock, host of msnbc’s "So Popular!", and Kevin Fallon, senior entertainment reporter for The Daily Beast, will join host Melissa Harris-Perry to discuss this week’s Oscar nominations and the controversial snub of the critically-acclaimed "Selma." Then, they’ll be joined by writer Justin Chan and Jeff Yang, a columnist for the Wall Street Journal and the father of Hudson Yang—star of the forthcoming ABC sitcom, “Fresh Off the Boat,” for a dialogue about Asian-American representation in Hollywood.

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