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Top Links: Jeb Bush's immigration flip-flops may determine his 2016 status for him

Top story: Former Gov.
Jeb Bush has fumbled his immigration reform (ahem, 2016) rollout. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)
Jeb Bush has fumbled his immigration reform (ahem, 2016) rollout.

Top story: Former Gov. Jeb Bush, R-Florida, won’t rule out a 2016 presidential run, though the criticism from the left and the right over his immigration double flip-flops may do it for him.

  • In his new book with co-writer Clint Bolick released today, “Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution”, Bush comes out against a path to citizenship: “A grant of citizenship is an undeserving reward for conduct that we cannot afford to encourage.” (The Atlantic Wire)
  • And for what reason? “Bush’s revamped position on citizenship looks like the maneuvering of a potential presidential candidate who wants to outflank Rubio and appease the conservative, anti-amnesty contingent that dominates GOP primaries.” (National Journal)
  • However, he’s since half-flipped on the flip-flop. On the “Today Show” Bush said he “no longer supports a path to citizenhip, though in a later interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, he said that he could support one under the right circumstances.” (The Fix)
  • Jeb Bush’s real immigration problem? “He’s veering back and forth on what he presents as a deeply held principle.” (National Journal)
  • Bush also takes time to criticize Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign: "Mitt Romney moved so far to the right on immigration issues that it proved all but impossible for him to appeal to Hispanic voters in the general election." (The Huffington Post)
  • One anonymous Romney aide responds: “Where the hell was this Jeb Bush during the campaign? He spent all this time criticizing Romney and it turns out he has basically the same position. So he wants people to go back to their country and apply for citizenship? Well, that’s self-deportation. We got creamed for talking about that. And now Jeb is saying the same thing.” (Miami Herald)
  • And not all conservatives seem happy to hear from Jeb Bush: “Jeb Bush's purpose seems to be to occasionally pop up, make sweeping/trite criticisms, & create problems for conservatives trying to lead.” (Matt Lewis)